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how to set up email


If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

That’s what Mom would say, the Dude can’t be bothered, but this dedicated beach footwear enthusiast needs to speak his mind.

Toms – I really only know this brand as the sort of overpriced rags posing as shoes that people brandished as a social statement against something I never really bothered to understand.

But I suspect, in reality, served merely as a salve to their own guilt for “having”, when so many “have not”, while not bothering to really know if the “charitable” arm of the brand really did any good.

These things are terrible.

For whatever social justice or anti-something, these contract manufactured flip flops were clearly the outcome of three months of marketing analysis, weeks of meetings and heated discussions about “strategy” all driven by some MBA who’s presence negates any previously acquired social justice for the brand.

They were fighting the “man” by having the “man” drive the outcome.

The box was a box, a light plastic industrial band holding it together with some tissue and the flip flops inside.

Upon opening; the first thing I see is the “Extra Cushy” sticker on the heel. It’s not on both heels, it’s not embossed on the sole, it’s an off-centered sticker that could just as easily say “Chiquita Banana,” placed with the same grace and precision as the grocery clerk applying the blaze orange “Sale” sticker on this morning’s day-old pastries.

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