About Us

Welcome to Charles T Piano dot com, your partner in Digital Marketing Technology. Our company started in 2006 under the name of Codezenio Hosting registered to Charles T Piano providing local services for Web Hosting, Website Maintenance and SEO. We expanded after 12 years to different services such Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Local Citation, Lead Generation, Social Media Optimization and Management, PPC Adwords (Paid Ads), Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, Domain Registration. Our expertise in all services is tailored by years of dedication, hard works and actual experiences and intervention to our clients. We work in almost all SEO Niches except adult-related niche. Our combined experiences from office-based and Home-based Digital Marketing Strategies can attest to our capacity to provide a silver lining service to our clients.

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of services your company is looking for, we a focused on creating your website, ranking your website, maintaining your website, protecting your online branding and reputation.

We started in 2006 as SEO Engineer office based, until the time our company requires us to study server-side and email server to enhance our knowledge in website functionality, our task was to maintain our server up and running 24/7, monitor our email server for the possible bounce back or undelivered email. The possibility of server downing is high because of bulks of emails coming in/out and thousands of site visitors a day in our sites looking for a reciprocal link to us all over the world.

For my own work advancement, I tempted to buy my own domain and hosting server and make it as my web hosting domain intended for my actual training in server and email side, until I tried to get some possible clients out of my working office as additional income to me and luckily, I got my first 5 clients in one month hosted in my web hosting site and at that very moment, Codezenio Hosting Services was born.

Our true talent comes from our team. We composed of web hosting experts average 5 years of professional hosting experience. On top of that, Our support personnel undergoes a step by step actual training program – they will not quality to handle support activities if they were not passed the required training hours mandated to become our support team. We specialized in Linux Web Hosting Server, CentOS and everything in between. Our management team is composed of experts who had average 10+ years of web hosting and website maintenance/support expertise. We also make it a habit to give our staff their time to research and study any possible update in current technology.